Sunday, July 31, 2011

A 4 Miler

Well, I did my first 4 mile run in the Hattori's.  Overall it felt very good and I didn't have many problems with the shoes.  My right knee did start bothering me, but I think it is from the volleyball that I play on Monday nights.  A few weeks ago, I strained the knee and it has been bothering me some on my runs, but it usually worked its self out in the first half mile or so.

One thing I did change is I added a pair of socks.  On my first 3 mile run in the shoes, I developed a hot spot on the side of my foot and by the time I finished the run, I had a small blister on the inside of my left foot.  To avoid the same issues on this run, I added a thin pair of socks (Balega Running) to the mix.  I also threw on some body glide to help reduce the friction.  The overall effect was that I didn't have any problems with hot spots.  My plan is to increase my mileage this week and next week I will cut back to give my body a rest.  Hopefully I can do a 5 mile run next Sunday.

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